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Need PLL circuit example needed

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Jul 15, 2001
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Hi everyone.
I need a PLL circuit example.
Does anybody have useful information about PLL?


Look at one of the following addresses:
**broken link removed**
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if you al looking up to 2.5GHz good ones and interesting aplication notes at national www

try philips semiconductor Application notes about NE564 and NE568 they cover variouse range of applications

Hi there!
Here is another example. This one by standard 74xxx-circuits, that is no one-circuit-PLL. Works fine. Has unlocked High/Low indicators.

Uploaded file: **broken link removed**
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My favorite design resource for PLLs is Horowitz and Hill's The Art of Electronics. It's only seven pages long but talks about type I and II digital, vcos and loop gain calculations. If you don't have the book, I would highly recommend it. It feels like it is written for engineers who need just the facts in order to build a circuit to help with as experiment. Amazon shows the index. Good Luck

c source

maybe off-topic but you can find c source library for National PLL's, it's comes with CCS compiler

a lot of usefull pll info can be found at

**broken link removed**
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all digital phase lock loop

all the tutorial is about lpll, can some one help me in designing ADPLL. what i know ADPLL consist phase detector(PD), Loop filter- design using K-1 counter and digital control oscillator(DCO) - from what i read DCO can implement using N-counter but what is N-counter. For PD i got no problom on it but the other one i dont know how to design it.

pls help me.....

Re: Need PLL circuit example

Well i am doing the same design will get back to you with the completed design :wink:

Re: Need PLL circuit example

:) Hi, there is a free PLL book (awesome 200+ pages) on National Semiconductor website

**broken link removed**

This is a password protected book; the print feature is disabled. But if you are resourceful, you can get pdf password remover to enable it :twisted:
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