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Need PLD and PIC source codes for BitScope..

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Apr 26, 2002
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bitscope pcb

ANybody have built a bitscope before, they give instructions for you to built from scratch bit refused to disclose the PLD and PIC source codes. THey made you purchased those chips, that's sucks..
Anybody have the source codes for that?
thanks in advance


Hi, i'm looking for it too. I've found the PCB layout in FM1. But I think we need the codes... Let's work together to get it.


bitscope source code

I hawe both of code (for ispl1016 and for 16f84) but this is the code for ver 1.0 and
PIC code have some restriction.

bitscope pcb layout

Pls PM me the files , thx, appreciated!

bitscope 1998

please upload files for public use :roll:

bitscope layout

please upload files for public use

bitscope pcb schematic

Here are the programming files for the pic and the PAL.
However these appeared at the first publication of the Bitscope project.
Being rev 1 there are many features that are not supported. You might check the bitscope web to see if the new sotware still supports Rev 1.

I have the original files in a .zip. containing:

File description

17 July 1998

Bits-sch.PDF Schematic diagrams for BitScope Rev. 10

Bits-pcb.PDF Overlay and copper layers for BitScope Rev. 10

bitscope.PDF Proto Technical Document describing Operational Fundamentals

bits-lst.PDF Proto listing of PIC code. Reference for understanding operation.

bits-01.hex PIC binary for basic functionality

bits-01.jed Lattice ispLSI1016-80 PLD

I am attaching just the last three files. (I can post the rest if you want).
With this info and some Rev engineering it might be possible to write the new pal equations and the pic code to support the latest versions.
Other useful information to recreate the pal and pic software is the developers info available at the bitscope web. Although I remember that it was not very complete.

bitscope pcb diagrams

I found a web site about designing BitScope.

**broken link removed**

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