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Need ideas for a project involving temperature sensing

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Oct 28, 2006
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I did a project about wireless data telemetry, where i transferred temp data wirelessly(ISM band) and read it out via an LCD disp on the recvr. I used two 8051. I'm supposed to do a project now, either as an extension of the previous proj or on the same theme.. please help me out with ideas..

How about multipoint temperature sensing? Or like I ever did once, build a wind direction sensor using many temp sensor. the temp differences will tell us the wind flow direction. with minor adjustment and calibration, you can even know the wind speed. isnt that awsome.

Something digital and wireless too??? @rikie_rizza what temp resolution do u need u sense the diff between the temps in the winds??

the difference T (ΔT) can be 0.1°C or more depending on the wind speed. At that time, I use 5 sensor: 1 to sense T ambient and the other 4 is for the direction N S W E. Another idea of this wind sensor is to place a heater at the center. In that case, u wont need to measure the T ambient, u just need to measure each direction and check for any differences.

Higher wind speed means more heat the sensor at the opposite direction of the wind can sense.

Hi there,

I think you could do some temperature telemetry based on the nordic chip. It operates in the ISM band of 2.4-2.5 GHz and is a piece of cake to program through its SPI interface.
Basically you need the nordic chip, a microcontroller unit, a T° sensor, e.g. from Dallas and some passives.

You can find all components you need (see the BOM service) on the tom-ic website.

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