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NEED HELP--bulding an interface to speak to my 3 track reader head pinout included

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Jan 25, 2013
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any help would be gratfull i want to build my own as i get free electronic supplies from my work i would like to read and decode and possibly write aswell but this is not a nececity even though the head has this capability

From the spec, the heads outputs are 36 mV, so a pre-amp will be required. This is normally where equalisation is applied for audio recording. So an amplifier with a gain of X30 would be a good start. You must find out what for of equalisation you will have to deal with. This means on record, the higher frequencies are recorded at higher levels, so on replay they should be attenuated. This reduces tape hiss.
For recording you need a constant current source, that is an amplifier, which will produce the same output current even though the impedance of the record head increases. This is normally done by using a high audio voltage and feeding it to the head vis a resistor. As mentioned equalisation must be applied in the record amp. This is the area that most tape recorders fall down on, with equalisation boosting the high frequencies and the rising record head impedance, the amplifiers simply run out of head room and distortion results.

thanks chuckey your reply was really appreciated can u point me in the direction for some schemtics for the things you mentioned if you can would be a grate help i want to get stated on this project

thanks again chuckey your help is appreciated i am going to build the one you mentioned and see how this will go any other help and ideas will be appreciated

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