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need drive motor circuit

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Dec 19, 2002
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drive motor circuit

need drive motor circuit

pic18f4331 orcad

What kind of motor ?
DC motor ? In this case there is LMD18200 from National which is very esay to use ....

lmd18200 circuits pwm

dc motor

motor driver circuits

If this schematic is to simple just ask!


dc motor 3a, 55v

It can be a solution. If only one way is nedded, it can be reduced.
If the motor is not too big, there is a lot of IC that can do the job.

Thos part is the power drive of the motor, it take PWM and it should have antoher part that generate the PWM (µC, or simple oscillator with variable cycle)

lmd18200 sample circuit

Try the circuit LMD18200 from National Semiconductor, its a integrated full H-Bridge.
This circuit suport 3A and 55V, its simple to use.


lmd18200 project

If you have a small DC motor (< 1A), you can also use something like L293D chip. It is much cheaper than LMD18200.

lmd18200 circuits

why not use an H-bridge circuit? it can control forward and reverse....

slovak motor circuit


why not use an H-bridge circuit? it can control forward and reverse....

L293 and LMD18200 are integrated H-Bridges

pic18f4331 h bridge

The only way to go is brushless motor with vector control, most efficient, need small motor for big power. take a look at microchip, they have a range geared up for motor control. PIC18F4331, cool chip! Take a look at IR for 3 phase drivers. Lots of meaty IGBT's or MosFe'ts about. Supprisingly, The leaders in this field are airomodellers? (anoracks)(Geeks)? Beautifuly engineered brushless motors that can swing a 10 X 6 prop at 10,000 RPM, weigh 32 grams and draw 20 Amps from some excotic chemical battery (Lithium Ion) that gives you 10 minutes of flight and might burst into flame at any moment. All made in China! Now, where's my scale Mustang P51D, Cadalac of the sky, all made with light ply and balsa wood. If I make a low pass and a slow roll will that cool chick over there fancy me?

lmd18200 dc motor control

You can use L298 too but it haven't got internal diode

Here my project : Motor bridge driver

lmd18200 orcad library

Oh here my schematic in Orcad Capture and PCB in Layout

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