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Need an idea for my final Project!!Interfacing PDA-->89s5

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Jun 29, 2004
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Hi guys, i need some idea for my final project.

I want to build an interface from Ipaq 1940(Pocket pc PDA) using bluetooth to AVR/89s51 microcontroller to controlling something. But, i still don't know what application should i build.
My plan is:
PDA(through bluetooth)---->bluetooth transceiver to rs232 89s51 to controlling something.

Need ur help about:
1.How to build bluetooth to rs322 to communicate with 89s51??
2.What bluetooth's transceiver IC should i use?(10m enough)
3.What tools should i use for programming in "pocket pc"?embedded visual tool v3.0?any other development tools?
4.What should i build?GPS?Portable instrumentation?Data logger?Please need ur idea.

:DThx everyone for ur attention.


Re: Need an idea for my final Project!!Interfacing PDA-->

why don't you use serial rs232 instead bluetooth? I interfaced a Palm Zire 71 with GPS module and maked a litle program in NSBasic to plot Lat. and Long. but if you want make it by Bluetooth see the CircuitCellar magazine have many bluetooth board to converter BT to serial

Re: Need an idea for my final Project!!Interfacing PDA-->

other choice is USB, but bluetooth .. i don't know how good is the idea, if you want wireless communication, can use the IRDA port.
Made bluetooth receiver will be more difficulty, you can use standard one, this is easy, in this case you must only write soft for PDA, and if this is standard bluetooth to RS device, you must see it as a COM port in your PDA, then you will have a simple RS communication.

There is a bluetooth which connects via RS232, you can this this device to be attached on a microcontroller, done it once.

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Re: Need an idea for my final Project!!Interfacing PDA-->

:DThx guys for ur idea. Actually, i don't want to build bluetooth communication using pda to some devices. Because,the bluetooth transceiver module (bluetooth to rs232) is very expensive (it's about $160). So, i will use an IR/USB wire from ipaq's PDA.
ANy other idea??
I have some idea about to build PANTONE colour matching using PDA. Is it possible??
Actually, i have a color sensor (TAOS TCS230 Programmable Color Light to Frequency Converter). I will attach this colour sensor to 89s51 microcontroller then the data from the microcontroller send to PDA through rs232/IR. The PDA will search the Colour database and match the colour, then in the LCD display we can see the colour and colour id.
Is it interesting??
But, this is not my final idea, please give me some idea for this project.:D

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