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Need a Help in Wind Turbine ..

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Mar 10, 2011
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I Need a Help in Wind Turbine Design of the Gear Boxes ..

1. How much Gears i would need ? i have average speed here of 30 to 40 Mph ...
2. How much Teeth Each Gear would contain .. ?
3. if Someone get perfect calculation for Gear to RPM converter please put it here ? .

The steps in your list is the easy part to do.

What you apparently haven't done yet is to gather information on the windmill itself.
Then you must retreive information on the generator you have planned to use.

Forgot to say - there is no such thing as a perfect gear box.
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Thanks Men .. but i am planning for a Gear Box to connect with the Alternator .. what you say is Industrial Turbine can produce .. about 2000 KVA .. plx i need help books not helping me alot .. and i stuck in to what i can never explain i don't want to make some basic windmill i did it before .. but this time its something big
Dont use gear boxs... because the torque of the generator is getting low.Starting Generator cut in speed is getting increased.

So you use gear less model turbine is mostly useful and easy maintenance of generator.

I should say that that depends on the typical wind speeds you have, on the design characteristics off the wind mill airfoils (drag and lift), and on the generator minimum and maximum shaft speeds and resistant torque... It is indeed a complex design theme...

If you are planning to use a gearbox, you should keep in mind that the most efficient gearbox are those who use straight-cut gears (spur gears)... In general, The amount of gears you need will depend on the in-out ratio, on the torque, on the speed, on the size limits of the gearbox, and on the gear materials... Then you will also have to think on the shafts, on the bearings and on the lubrication... Usually gearboxes are an expensive solution.. (Here is a nice engineering software that can help on some of these gearbox related issues

Here is a nice article:
**broken link removed**

A simpler solution would be to use a simple belt transmission... Belt transmission can also achieve a pretty good efficiency, good in/out rates, and are simpler to design ( you can usually do it just by following the catalog selection instructions), and of course, much more cheap...

Here is an example of a detailed selection helper catalog **broken link removed**

About the gears.. If you want to know more about how to design a gear box, you can try follow the instructions specified by the normative reference ISO 6336:2006

A little more info on wind turbine design can be found on IEC 61400:2012 (described in with focus to part 4 - IEC 61400-4 Design requirements for wind turbine gearboxes

Anyway, don't forget that after this effort you will probably need someone to make the gears that you calculated...


Forgot to mention that bearings can easy be selected from a catalog or one online selection tool from manufactures as for example FAG and NSK:
**broken link removed**
**broken link removed**

You should also check if the shaft can handle the torque, bending and fatigue, and if there is any resonant problem
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