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My RF Project (NEED HELP)

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May 7, 2009
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Hi Guys,

I am new in edaboard, and I really would like your help in my RF project.

We are planning to send power wirelessley. I am sure you heard about it before (MIT) and others are working on it day and night, very hot area.

Anyways, we chose a horn antenna for our transmitter and recevier. We wanted a more directive one, such as a dish antenna, however limitations due to our budget did not allow this to happen, and as I mentioned earlier, we are now stuck with the horns. Even though, we will have to simulate the dish antenna to show what could of happened if we had higher directivity and possibly higher gain.

Now to the question, which is the best software that will suite my project? My Uni has AWR and MATLAB as far as I know, so are these good enough?

Awaiting your responses

AWR and Matlab are more than enough to find the gain and directivity of a dish antenna. There are even cheap software's that calculate this.

thanks vfone,

can I also have 3d representation of the radiaiation for example, using those softwares, and if yes, where can I find the tutorials to do so.

hi hashmos
If you want to simulate a dish antenna you have to use "FEKO" or "CST Microwave Studio". This softwares can help you

For circuit simulation AWR is Good. For Antenna, i would recommend CST

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