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my op amp design specification(your opinion)

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Jan 17, 2007
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Hi fellow friends and professionals,

I have already finished designing a high performance (Low voltage, low power) op amp with the following specs;

- 0.18u CMOS technology
- 2V supply voltage
- 234.75u watt overall power dissipation
- 151.268 MHz Unity Gain Bandwidth

I hope to hear your opinion and comment about my op amp specifications. I am really honoured to have your opinion said here.

Thank you and good luck for your future undertakings!

Good, you did a great job.
But, still you can reduce the power dissipation upto 80 uW


You did great, but just a point, I believe one can comment about your design if he knows the application of your op amp, may be it is good to increase the power a bit, but have a larger unity gain.

Well done!

hi friends and fellow professionals,

Thanks for viewing my op amp specification. I will update my op amps' other specs such as voltage swing, settling time and slew rate.

Thanks again to analog_prodigy and sadigh for your comments. My op amp doesnt have any specific application. I am concentrating on having a low power, low voltage, high speed op amp.

Thanks also to renwl for your comment. Can you explain about loads information? i do not understands

Thanks again, and good luck for your future undertakings!!!

load information means your opamp output load, capacitor and resistor or others. So that to evaluate your spec

But how can you design a low power & high speed? when i targetted for low power of 80uW, i got a slew rate just 6V/uS. If u know any other specific technique please share it.

you must add a output capacitor in your simulation entironment.

Slew rate depend on your output current , so an output buffer could be considered

Hi friends and fellow professionals

Thanks all for your comments and suggestion. I have simulated my op amp slew rate. Below are the netlist for my slew rate simulation;

Xopamp In1 In2 Vdd Vss Vout opamp

Cf Vout 0 20pF

RL1 Vout In2 5k
RL2 In2 0 5k

VEN In1 0 pulse 0 1 10n 5n 5n 500n 2u

.options list node post
.tran 10n 5u
.print tran v(vout) v(In1)

Using cosmoscope, I have measure a 89.476V/us of slew rate. The rise time is 224ns and fall time is 49.575ns.

By the way, i forgot to state my op amp gain. My op amp gain is 64dB.

Thanks again and good luck for your future undertakings!

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