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msp430 :if a button is pressed on ED create a link to the AP and blink his leds

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Mar 30, 2011
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Hello, I have to do a project using TI Ez320 rf2500 kit with msp4302274uc..,from the start I want so say that I am new with microcontrollers and C but i am willing to learn.
I want to do a project with a smoke detector which gives a ttl signal to the END DEVICE(1L for detecting smoke),I want to put this signal to port PORT2 bit0. and transmit it to ACCESS POINT,where I want to set PORT2 bit0. as an output so it can give a signal that can trigger a buzzer.
But up until that moment I want to make something similar to work:
I want to use an ISR at END DEVICE, when I push the button(which gives 1L signal,somehow similar with the somke detector signal(when the somke is detected))and this is transmitted to the ACCESS POINT where I use as outputs the two leds,and this leds must blink due to the received signal.
Now i have a TI code ,named <txrx_simple>, this is the code :

#include "mrfi.h"
int main(void)
BSP_Init();// disables the watchdog, initializes the MCLK at 8MHz, sets LED ports as outputs and the button port as input.

P1REN |= 0x04;// enables the internal resistor of thebutton

P1IE |= 0x04;// enables interrupts

MRFI_Init(); // initializes the 6 wires between the MSP430 and the CC2500,powers-up the CC2500 and configures the CC2500 47 registers and turns on interrupts from the CC2500;

MRFI_WakeUp();// wakes up the radio, i.e. it turns on the 26MHz crystal attach to it without entering Rx or Tx mode;

MRFI_RxOn() ;// switches the radio to Rx mode; from this line on, it can receive packets,in which case the interrupt function MRFI_RxCompleteISR is called.

BCSCTL3 |= LFXT1S_2; //switches on the ACLK by sourcing it to the VLO
TACCTL0=CCIE; //enables interrupts for Timer_A.
TACCR0=1000; //sets the value up to which Timer_A will count
TACTL=MC_1+TASSEL_1; //tells Timer_A to count up (MC_1) each time ACLK ticks (TASSEL_1).

__bis_SR_register(GIE+LPM4_bits);// enables interrupts globally and enters LPM4

void MRFI_RxCompleteISR()
P1OUT ^= 0x02;// toggle both leds

#pragma vector=PORT1_VECTOR // declare that this function should be called when an interrupt of type PORT1_VECTOR happens
__interrupt void Port_1 (void)
P1IFG &= ~0x04; //resets the interrupt flag
mrfiPacket_t packet;
MRFI_Transmit(&packet, MRFI_TX_TYPE_FORCED);
P1OUT ^= 0x01;// toggle the red led P1.0

and if I put it on both target boards I have the next situation: for the start both boards are with both leds off,if I press the button on the END DEVICE ,nothing happens,not blinking the leds on either of boards..and if I press the button on the ACCESS POINT both leds on AP and ED are on,but not blinking(it may have smth to do with the frequency?)

Thanks in advance for any information you could give me.
Have a nice day.

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