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mounting vita 46 to pcb

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Nov 29, 2012
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I am having trouble finding the procedure of how to solder the vita 46 vpx connector(1410140-1) to my pcb board. from what i have gathered after scrummaging through data sheets and drawings is that they are just push in place pins. does anybody have experience with these connectors and how to properly mount them to a pcb. Such as a technique used to solder or if they are in fact just push-in-place pins.


Well vita 46 vpx is a tricky sucker and if you are new to soldering I would advise against it. First, you will need to figure out what kind of solder you have available to you. Your soldering iron should also be able to reach temps high enough for the quarks gluon process and if it can't, you risk destroying vita 46 vpx. I couldn't find any documentation to share with you on the technique because most things like this are behind a paywall.

thanks for the reply, i work for a small company and we are looking into moving toward using these connectors because of how high speed they are. we have a dept for soldering so we have a pace machine/oven and lots of equiptment. i just got a couple sample vpx connectectors in today and the pin don't look like they would be able to be solder from the bottom of the board. so i'm assuming we can either bake them on or its push-in-place

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i have figured it out. they are push in place. using 31 N per contact pin. so # of contacts x max inserion force per contact= module insertion force. which means you will need to use a press

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