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Motor control books


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Dec 21, 2013
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Can anyone suggest some good books for motor control (Power Electronics) design which includes topologies, software interfaces etc.
Especially automotive motor control, traction motor control, PMSM control etc.
You may read "Electric Motor Drives: Modeling, Analysis, and Control", written by R. Krishnan. This book covers motor drive systems, including PMSM control, and explores modeling, analysis, and control techniques in detail. Renowned for its in-depth coverage and invaluable practical insights, this book consistently receives high recommendations from professionals in the field.
I dont think anyone actually writes motor control software anymore for eg a stuff in the motor parameters into a software, the method of rotor position sense, the torque vs speed curve, no load speed, the coil inductance, the inertia, the no of poles etc etc, and it spits out the software for you........basically all you are controlling is the commutation frequency and the coil current.......the coil current is usually controlled by a hysteretic type peak current might need to write software to converter the requested commutation rate and the rate of change of same.

If its a fan then you can just do it yourself with trial and error....getting started is the thing with PMSMs of constant have to gradually increase the speed....till you get lock of rotating field and rotor position.

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