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Most frequency-wide reciever?

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Feb 20, 2013
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Hi could anyone please tell me which radio reciever I should get if I want to be able to recieve as many frequencies as possible. Thanks!

Please clarify your question. Whats your purpose? What kind of receiver are you looking for? IC or an architecture? or by 'receiver' , do you mean the antenna?

Purpose is to recieve radio signals. By reciever I mean both the antenna and the controller, i.e.
I'm looking for a reciever with a highly adjustable controller, to be able to recieve as many frequencies as possible.

A kind of radio receiver that is able to handle a very wide frequency range is HP8592 spectrum analyzer. It can handle from 9kHz to 22 GHz and with extender even wider.
It's purpose is to measure signal strength. Not intended for listening, even if it is possible with some additional equipment.
If you want to be able to receive a lot of radio-stations that can be demodulated to understandable music.telegraphy and speech is it no need to have such wide frequency range.
A cheap SDR shortwave receiver and a PC do then fits better. It is a flexible system as same radio can be used to demodulate a lot of different types of radio signals.

Your request is quite vague. There are wideband receivers but each for a specific purpose.
Recently, software-defined radios (SDR) become available. In theory, their analog-to digital converter may have up to severl GHz band width. But in practice the interfering signals in such wide spectrum will render such system unusable. To use such SDR, narrower-band filters must be used to define the frequency band of interest, and to reject interference.

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