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Most Efficient means of converting wind energy to electrical energy(230v AC)

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Apr 10, 2012
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i want to generate electrical power of 230v ac from windmill.Main problem is wind is not frequent here...Is it effecient ,initially if i convert to small DC voltage and from that to generate 230v AC(like that of an inverter)....Please help me in this..

If the wind is not heavy then you can go for vertical axis wind turbines. They do not require as much wind to generate power, thus allowing them to be closer to the ground. So you can experiment with this VAWT which will be suitable for the condition. It will not be efficient to convert to small DC voltage.

Is there any design available for VAWT. so that we can construct one

With all wind turbine installations the generator on the turbine charges a battery via an inverter. This is to optimise the battery charging under a wide change of wind speeds (voltage out from generator). The more constant battery voltage is then used via a second inverter to generate the 230V AC.
Turbine (6v@ .1A to 50V@10A) ->battery (11.8 to 14.6 V) -> 230V AC.
I would not go for a VAWT, they have been tried in this country and most have been replaced, the ones that are left are just ornaments. ALL commercial operators use a conventional horizontal axis turbine.
Search with Google, there are a massive number of amateurs doing this with full constructional data.

If you want power on demand and the wind doesn't blow
on demand, then you need storage and an inverter. That
storage could be battery, small scale pumped hydro, etc.
but I think batteries are your best bet, and the bank ought
to be designed based on what inverters you can find that
you like.

On the plus side this eliminates a need for a speed regulated
alternator / blade head. Though many AC motors will operate
as generators when line connected and overdriven, I'd assume
you do not expect an available continuous power feed and
forget about that.

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