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MONTE CARLO in hysteresis comp_use same sample in 2 dc sweep

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Jun 28, 2005
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Dear all,
I encounted a problem while trying to do Monte Carlo simulation. :| It is a hysteresis comparator. Thus, I will do 2 DC sweeps, that is, from small to big, and from big to small. If I use the usually way:

.DC x y 0.0001 sweep monte= 30
.DC y x -0.0001 sweep monte=30
Then, the 2 sides of the hysteresis windows may not use the same model or the same device sample. So, could any of you please give me some suggestion? I wish do the 2 dc sweep with a same sample, which is the actual case in use.
Thank you in advance.:D

Humungus has mention in one of his posts before as follows:
No way with all other answers.

You've got to specify that those parameters are LOT variations.

LOT parameters have the same value every time they are instanced.

DEV parameters have different values in every intantiation.

LOT parameters represent the variations of the whole lot processed.

DEV parameters correspond to mismatch among similar devices.

So, does it mean I should change the LOT parameters in these 2 dc sweep? So, where can I change this LOT ? I searched "lot" in hspice 2004.09 doc help, but got nothing at all. :|

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