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mesher error in HFSS V10

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Dec 22, 2005
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error in stitch module

hi to everyone
how can we get more explanation for errors generated when creating mesh in HFSS.after analyzing the structure a hve this error: "error in stitch module-fault tolerant mesher failure"
what did that means??

hfss error in stitch module


I found the same trouble.

I think it's related to a design mistake as the softwr refers to "volume mesher".
I tried to modify mesher setup in "field overlays" pop menu (flagging off "only surface") but it still doesn't work.

Do you solved the problem? How did you?!

thank you advance, A!

hfss fault tolerant mesher failure

I have same problem today. Has anyone found a solution?
I think the error is caused because one of the 'sheets' is not well connected.

I also have another problem I couldn't solve for a few months now: after the simulation, there are S11 but the far-field results has 'nan' (no data). (I've setup with the infinite sphere).

Thanks for your help.

error in stich module

i have a similar problem. I really wonder what's wrong with hfss v10 meshing. I tried to run the manual example horn antenna hfss_chorn following all the instructions. Still i got this mesh error ,the same that has kept coming in other projects :

[error] Initial mesh, process mesh3d : Error while opening or writing the mesh files. (7:57 PM Aug 29, 2006)
[error] Simulation completed with execution error on server: Local Machine. (7:57 PM Aug 29, 2006)
Has somebody found how to resolve the issue ? thx

error in stitich module

Hi blessedme,

Reinstalling HFSS will fix that problem.



Thanks costox,
I have reinstalled hfss v10 ; now it's working


ansoft hfss v10 error

Hi blessedme,

I have now the same problem you had with the mesher error in HFSS v10

The point is that even the examples included in the install tools cause the same problem.

I have tried to re-install several times, but it still doesn't work!

Is there any problem if I have also the HFSS v9.2 and I try to instal HFSS v10 in another folder?

Thank u

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