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MEMS switch simulation in Microwave office tutorials

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Jun 14, 2009
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aplac simulation examples

Hi all,

I need some tutorials on mems switch simulation in microwave office. pls hlp.

switch simulation


Which Version of AWR Microwave Office (MWO) you use...
I have tutorial example for specific version...

Also if you have Aplac then it has a built in MEMS models library...

Here are the some of the documents on AWR MWO & APLAC for mems applications...

**broken link removed**

**broken link removed**


mems switch operation tutorial

Hi manju,

am using AWR 6.51. and am looking for the tutorial on the design of MEMS capacitive switches. the docs which you gave werent helping me in my work. kindly share with me any other document you might have.

www diei


Then you can only use EMSight Electromagnetic simulator for planar modelling of RF MEMS structure...
Here is an example

specifically see this
**broken link removed**

If you have the latest MWO 2008 & APLAC then you can model & completely simulate the switch structure...

Re: aplac simulation examples

Hi All,

Can anyone help me with some simulation examples or tutorials on using APLAC MEMS elements in recent AWR versions?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Yammuna,

It is probably more difficult to bring the MEMS into new MWO environment than to work with standalone APLAC.
In standalone APLAC there are some good working examples that comes with the product installation.

I attached some of the very useful documents on APLAC Capacitive Switch...



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can any one tell me how to implement a phase shifter in microwave office? i'm using a AWR 2008 version and the desired phase shifter should work for 60 GHz.....
thanks in advance


you have two very good examples on Phase shifter design & analysis in AWR MWO very specifically you can go through the MEMS_Phase_Shifter.emp file & also Ideal_Phase_Shifter.emp

hi manju,
thanks a lot for the reply. i tried implementing a 60 degree phase shifter based on the phase shifting properties of a high pass t circuit as given in this paper. but when i try simulating the circuit, it shows an error as shown below
Measurement - phase_shift:phsShift(1,1,60,0) : At least two phase states (sweeps) are required to make this measurement.
can u tell me what is reason for this error??


  • New circuit configurations for designing 0-180 phase shifters.PDF
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hi manju,
i also went through the Ideal_Phase_Shifter.emp file in the examples. but the working range is from 0 to 20 GHz. how to modify it for 60 GHz??
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