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Me, My master Research, HFSS and an endless fight. Plz Help

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Jun 12, 2005
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Dear All,

In the way to finish my research, i started to validate the Matlab code results that i wrote to estimate the resonance frequencies of an 8-slots magnetron cavity with those results that HFSS (V 10.1) gave to me and i found the following problems:

1- I found a big mistake that i did before which was simulating a complete structure of the magnetron geometry. The fault was that the code was estimating the resonance inside the outer corrugated structure and inside the middle cylinder (which is completely wrong). I solved this problem by subtracting this from a cylinder, and it gave me the structure that you will see in my attachments.

2- The results are still different (maybe the code results are wrong), and when i add some Mesh Operations the HFSS results changes much.

3- I'm solving only on the surface of the attached structure, is that correct or should i assign a material with a high conductivity and solve inside the structure ?

4- I splited the complete structure into two half's, because the results was repeated due to the symmetry around the z-axis. I put the split face as an E-field boundary one time and i run the simulation then i put an H-field one other time.

5- i found some confusing check boxes in the solution setup (under the eigenmode solution type) that i don't know if i should check them or leave them without checking, these check boxes are:

Π Converge on real frequency only
Π Do Lambda Refinement
Π Use free space lambda
Π Use low-order solution basis

I tried to read the user manual to figure out what those do but i found it confusing.

Would you please also give me some suggested values to set up those parameters according to the problem that I'm demonstrating.

6- Also one common problem happens that the simulation stops and give me the following message :

[error] Recovering adaptive solution, process abc3d: Eigenvalue calculation failed to converge. (12:34 PM Feb 17, 2007)

[error] Simulation completed with execution error on server: Local Machine. (12:34 PM Feb 17, 2007)

and i dont know what to do with it .

So, would anybody please suggest me values for mesh operations that suits my situation.


a- The splitted magnetron structure with H-field in splitted face.
b- The text file that carries the output results from the Matlab Code to view the difference between the two results.

Thank you so much for spending the time reading my message and thank you so much in advance for helping me.
Best regards,
e-mail: m_goher@yahoo.com

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