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Making a ducted soldering fan?

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Jun 13, 2021
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I wish to solder in a room that hs no windows going externally...their are windows but only to internal.
But it also has a ~12cm diam metal pipe sticking out of the roof by some if somehow i can strap a tube to this, and put a fan in the tube so that i can extract solder smoke, then it will be OK.
Do you know of any means of doing this?
The bottom of the metal tube is some 6 foot above floor level.
The idea would be to have the soldering work table below the metal tube thing, and the fan to duct the smoke away up it.

(The room is approx 2 metres by 5 metres by 3 metres high)
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These look good, but is there a probelm with them?...
ducted fan

The filter fans just never seem to work?
ducted fan
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Over here, clothes dryer ducting and vents mate up really nicely to a 5" muffin fan. Have built long-tailed dust extractors this way for dirty construction work.
Thanks, though i think it will be too difficult, the easiest way seems to be an in line axial duct fan...

in line axial duct fan the above, with ducting from fan to roof pipe, and from fan to solder work.......that sounds easiest way, woudl you agree? i can mount the end of the tube right near the solder work.

You don't need a lot of airflow for a simple soldering station
and you may care about noise. For cost I'd stick with
residential dryer duct or something equally cheap and

I've seen some soldering station "scrubbers" which appear
to just put a fat bed of metal wool behind the fan to grab
the rosin vapor. You might not need a duct if you can get
good enough condensation / solidification trapping. I'd try
bronze wool, super fine, between two screens after the
air mover.
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