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Magneto-resistor Digital Output Potentiometer


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Jul 18, 2018
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I am looking for a replacement for a Magneto-resistor type potentiometer model SMP-1504 by manufacturer SAKAE TSUSHIN KOGYO CO., LTD. I have already contacted them but they no longer manufacture this type. potentio pic.JPG
What the manufacturer have are inductive types which they say is analog output and is not compatible with the Magneto-resistor type which is digital output. I am not sure why is it not compatible that but I did test it with according to specs input voltage of 5vdc and its out of 1.5v min and 4.5v max is according to specs also.
min max graph.JPG
The potentiometer turns together when the DC motor turns through a belt.
The input of the potentiometer is from a 5vdc reference voltage and the output is into an OpAmp as indicated in the red arrow.
Please help me analyze and suggest a replacement for this.

I do have a good unit in which I tried to run a 5DC input voltage, I noticed that the PSU that I am using did not indicate a current draw at any time while I was rotating the potentiometer. When it drop to min 1.5vdc to 4.5vdc max there was no current draw. I then though that maybe that was the OEM was talking about that this one has digital output, while if he would provide me with their latest one that is inductive contactless potentiometer which is analog output there would be a current draw and my opamps would have a different response. I am not sure also.
Attached is part of the schematic where the potentiometer is connected. It says TPOT with encircled note. Thanks all and apologies if I posted in a wrong thread.


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