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magnetic card reader to pic micro

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Aug 7, 2009
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homemade card reader

hy guys,Im trying to make a magnetic card reader,with magnetic head,pic,eeprom and a serial port to comunicate with pc.Is there anyone who could give me some help,advice,schemes,pic program codes?thanks in advance

homemade magnetic card reader

Sorry i cant help ,Ive wondered about doing the same. I did a search and found programmable basic cards. The kit costs 50 pounds (england of course) claims youll be programming basic cards within the day.

Thats great but there is no info on a card reader :)

schematic magnetic card reader

I need something simple,where the microcontroller do all the job,as small as posibile,to store data and after can be downloaded to pc with serial connection.if anyone can send me all the documentation I have also some budget to pay for this.thank you

homemade credit card reader

I've made one of these. I bought the reader, that outputs wiegand.
((it doesn't make sense to build the reader/head unless your making millions of these))
Then the PIC reads the wiegand and outputs to the PC.

Some readers are shown here.
**broken link removed**

magnetic stripe reader pic16

we have a project to do,so I need exatly one maded,thanks anyway

homemade post pc card

you may be able to get the parts needed here.
**broken link removed**

pic project magnetic stripe card reader

I need a schematic -magnetic head-f2fdecoder-pic microcontroller or -magnetic head-pic microcontroller---in case of f2f decoding can be done in the pic ...and of course,serial comunication port to cumunicate with computer.thanks

Not that it's happening here but please be careful before helping someone build a magnetic stripe reader with memory.

There are only a few reasons why people would want to store credit cards to eeprom without validating or anything, fraud.

People typically build these small msr piggy back readers and attach them to ATM machines to steal your info or use them in businesses with credit card sales. They then go back home and download it to the PC.

Although I cannot say for certain whether or not seba is doing this, it look's like a possibility. Could you imagine your card #s stolen and you helped build the device... :|

Just my 2 cents. Take care my friends.


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