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LT Spice ir2110 simulation not working

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May 1, 2013
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I have designed buck converter which is working well in i want to verify that on LTSpice so that i can see current waveforms which i wasnt able to monitor in proteus.
I have attached the LTSpice files, when i am driving the mosfet with ir 2110 output is not as desired.but when i use simple pulse generator to drive mosfet, it starts working as desired.kindly guide me where i am wrong.


  • LTView Buck.rar
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Since your converter works okay with a simple pulse generator, there is a chance you did not hook up all connections to the IR2110 properly.

Or, perhaps your switching mosfet/ transistor, needs to be driven by a different voltage range than the voltage you are getting from the device's output?

I have no direct experience with the IR2110, but it is a popular device, discussed in many threads here. A forum search will turn up lots of information.

yes it is the problem with ir2110 connections i get it but the similar circuit works perfectly in proteus.i am confused about it.
i just wanted to analyse it in ltspice.
i did alot of research and most of them used both high and low sides of ir2110 driver

If you look through the related threads, you will surely find a schematic which uses IR2110. Run that in LTspice. Perhaps from the way it acts, you'll discover how to correct your schematic.

You may even find that someone posted exactly what you need. Type these two words in the search field at the top of this page:

LTspice IR2110
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