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Looking for tutorials on T6963 GLCD controller

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Tajinder Singh

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Jun 12, 2009
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anybody have basic tutorial on t6963 glcd controller
i have read the datasheet but still not able to make a picture in mind how to start programming, what would be the seq of its initialization, and how any graphic or text can be displayed on it.

t6963c tutorial

it sounds rough but after you have read the datasheet thoroughly for more than 50x, you can start programming it.

that's just my experience but it has served me well so far.
glcd tutorial

see, i have done status checking and interfacing
but how to initialize addresses for graphics page, and what are the effects of the home address and area address and all these things
i am not able to relate them

can u describe it briefly

glcd t6963


Seems like you enjoy doing the hard glcds, that controller is a very old type and rather hard to use, I went for the more modern types and got good results.

There was a magazine article on the T6963c controller by the late John Becker for EveryDay Practical Electronics but since they started with their new site I cannot find the full downloads.

However I still have the code which shows the all the routines including the setup.
The code is heavy going but hope you can make use of it.

t6963c glcd

anybody have some help in C
basically i don't want the code , i want the steps need for each section of program

glcd t6963c

Tajinder Singh said:
anybody have some help in C
basically i don't want the code , i want the steps need for each section of program


maybe the above would help.

how to start t6963 glcd

Hey everybody its good news.
I have developed my code for inerfacing with this graphics lcd.

Thankyou all

hey please mail me your codes to interface GLCD with t6963 controller along with some application notes if u have them...thanks in email id is

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