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Looking for tutorial on using Matlab basic tools

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Jan 9, 2006
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i wnatto learn about matlab basic tools and how to use this software .any one guid eme. Thanks

Re: Matlab

There are literraly tons of resource on the Web. Here's just one of them. Start matlab and follow it step by step.

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Do a google search on "matlab tutorial" or "matlab primer" and you will see lots of information. There are books too but I would start with these on-line tutorials.

Best regards,


The official Matlab help site may be useful

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Re: Matlab

just type the following on the command editor


further if u want to know about any meta file then type the following...suppose u want to know about 'fft', then type

help fft

also see help pull down menu..


Re: Matlab

these are some useful toturials i have

Re: Matlab

In my personal point of view, Matlab has a very great benifit, that is you can get any thing just if you need to know it, it has a great help system, but you have to know very simple basics first,

I can guide you to learn them your self..
You have to know some programing basics in Matlab syntacs, you can get them by typing the following:

>> help for
>> help while
>> help if
>> help case

>> help fprintf
>> help fopen
>> help fclose
>> help disp

I think they may be good start for you

Also, you have to learn some matrix operations in Matlab, first links sent above are great, check them, and you know your aim now clearly :)

Best Wishes,

Re: Matlab

Dear sir,

Steps in learning MATLAB is here:

the ocean of MATLAB is very deep for exploring all of it.
therefore you first see what you need for learning?
mathematics, graphics , ..?

then follow the steps:
1-If you are beginner go to MATLAB: HELP ->full help->contents->MATLAB
and study the lessons and exams in each category.

2- if you want to learn about special , go to
MATLAB: HELP ->full help->contents-> (toolbox name)

for example for filter design go to "filter design toolbox help"

3- if you want to preview a section, go to demo of the subject.
MATLAB: HELP ->full help->demos->(toolbox name)

4- if you want to know matlab related topics in special subject (e.g. servo motor)
go to HELP ->full help->search->(type:subject name)

5- and finally if you knoow tha function name go to
HELP ->full help->index->(function name)

of course another sorces is good but you have the MATLAB help with you all the time.

Re: Matlab

the matlab has one of the best helps between softwares. I offer you read only the help of matlab.

Re: Matlab

there will matlab software in net .down load that there will instructions how to start in help.otherwise books will be available

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