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Looking for Macrovision Remover schematics

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Jul 20, 2001
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Hi all,

I already searched on this forum for a "Macrovision Remover" schematic but I did not find much usefull information.

Please could someone point me to a link where I can find the schematic to realize this interface ?

On this forum I found a link but it points to an adult site.

Thanks in advance.........

Is a form of copy protection that causes video recorders to react to a signal applied to the original signal that makes the origanal video material uncopyable.
I first came across this copy rotection about 11 years ago. The signal after the frame pulse has at line 15/ 16 pulses that very between black level to full white. pulsating and verying . this causes the agc system in the recorder to turn the recording gain control up and down as the recorder recordes the incoming signal. I have tryed to build 3 or 4 differant circuits to take this out but the only one that realy works is one that was published inthe hobby electronics magazine about 4 years ago . I have built this and it uses a pic chip to time the circuit into removing the signal, software on there web site. I am sorry that I do not have the circuit any more but possibly someone else has.


thanks for your reply. Please do you remember the correct name of the magazine ?



Works with an epld , jtag file is NOT free available , pcb layout is .

I'll upload the article if you like .
Now i only have it in dutch language , it will be available
in english around March or so .


No problem mate, it is to expensive and I need as soon as possible.

Thanks anyway for your cooperation



There is pic12c508 project

The pcb in easytrax protel format

Allows copy protect VHS tapes to be "backed up"
Minimal picture quality loss
Will work with latest version of VHS copy protection
Is not upset by black on white credits
Automatically switches "cut timming" from PAL to NTSC *
Small PCB designed to fit in attractive ABS case
Runs of 6VAC to 16VAC plug pack
Low in Fat
No Added Salt
Still easy Enough for a Five Year Old Tibetan Spaniel to Build

**broken link removed**

PIC 12c508 code at **broken link removed**

another PIC16f84 project at

**broken link removed**

another one at
**broken link removed**

another one at

another PIC16f83 one at
EPE mag feb/2000

Do you want extra schematics :D :D ?

Have fun (Don't forgot to thanks me)

Pharaoh Of Egypt

Here is one that dates back to 1995. Explains theory too.

**broken link removed**

:idea: Another option to get around Macrovision is to use a simple video modulator. The cheap ones ($20 to $30) you can find nearly anywhere like Best Buy, Circuit City, WalMart, Kmart, etc., do not have AGC circuits and therefore are not vulnerable to the Macrovision trick. I am using one right now on my DVD player to feed my TV which has only an RF input. While this was my only option, it is not the most desired option because video is slightly degraded with mod/demod techniques. But still I think it's very clear and it's MUCH better than nothing!


Hi, all
Can you give me some ideas, of that ,how to remove the white mask
blocks which are put on the illegal video. in order to recover to original
video. Thanks

Cheerboy :p

x Pharaoh of Egypt

but anyone has tried this circuit? it function also dvd player to vcr?

thank's in advange

Pharaoh of Egypt said:

There is pic12c508 project

**broken link removed**

PIC 12c508 code at **broken link removed**

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