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Looking for information about domestic application withRS485

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Dec 2, 2001
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I need information about domotic aplications with rs485. Somebody could help me?


What information you need I think your question is to large do you need information about the rs485 or you want to do domitic application with rs485 network give me more info and I will help you. But I think is not the best way to do domitic. Give me more info about your project and I will help you

rs485 is away to send serial information it's as rs232 but it support rates up to 4Mb/sec
also distance up to 1200 m
also it transimate data diffrentialy

74175 is an rs485 transimiter
74174 is an rs485 reciever

75176 is transmiter/receiver in dip8 pckage.


If you need i can upload a networking protocol for RS485 networking of multiple nodes.

If you want I will sent example microcontroller code for PIC devices
with Hardware UART or Software serial interface. RS485 communication is simple.
Only different is that you must bring up enable pin of the RS485 driver chip during transmit to disable receiver module. That is valid for half-duplex multi-drop transmition
and 2-wire connection. If you want only to expand rs-232 to 1200 meters you do not need
driver with three level state output, and may use 4-wire connection (for example ADM488 Analog Devices). In multi-drop they are some physical characteristics in wire bus, but there is too long to explain.

Hello! Sorry for my English. I want to do a domotic home made system with PIC's, and I think
than the RS485 is the more easy. Is correct?


That is right. Nothing dificult in rs-485.
RS-485 is only physical comunication standart. All other thigs are in software, e.g protocol. Protocol must contain header, message body, checksum and trailer.


Suply voltage of driver is specific for device e.g. adm485 have supply voltage of 5V.
Voltage on RS485 line is: range from -7V to +12 V. Data bit 0 is decoded if A>B,
1 if A<B

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Try this place if you need to pick an interface IC - They're the best source for many analog IC's
I even believe they will send you 2 samples free - **broken link removed**
Here are their RS-485 IC's
**broken link removed**

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