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looking for info on Texscan spectrum analyzer vsm 2c

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Jun 18, 2007
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Melbourne Australia
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Hi all,
I have one of these and can't find any info on the net!!! There must be some somewhere. Can anyone help out with a supplier or schematic??



texscan spectrum analyzer

Hi, I have a VSM-2D, and I have the manual for it. I can scan the schematic for you and post here or deliver via eMail......

- Darrell
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    Reichelt jean

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texscan vsm-2c

Hi Darrell, Thats great - I was beginning to worry no one used these! So please send me the Schematics and maybe post here as well for anyone else!! Any other info would be helpful! Is it a useful unit? Or is the if too broad? I don't know much about it - but it was cheap.

Thanks a lot - if there's anything I can help you with...


texscan vsm-2d manufactured?

Hi Tim, glad to meet you & be able to help. I'll get the scans done within the next couple of days or so & send. I'm sure that the circuits of the "C" and "D" models should be similar, and my manual does refer to the "C" model in places. I'll be glad to post here also.

From what I can tell, there aren't many people using these anymore, and information is nearly nonexistent. The manual which I have seems to be the only one in captivity these days, and it is not very well written nor very detailed. I just bought my unit a few days ago also because I couldn't afford much for an analyzer.

These were built some 25 years ago, primarily for the CATV industry. It has a 75-ohm RF input, so your input signal will need to go thru a 50-to-75 ohm transformer if you are trying to do accurate communications work. The IF bandwidth can be set as low as .5 khz, but when set this low, desired signals tend to drift out of the passband VERY quickly. The 10khz position works ok for this after a good warmup period.

These units can provide reasonable performance if you are patient and allow it to warm up for an hour or so before any serious work.

The main disadvantage which I've found so far is no direct center-frequency readout.

To sum up, its not a Tektronix 494 or a Motorola R2600. But it is still a useful piece of equipment for some purposes.

texscan manual

I have only just joined this forum and I have Texscan AL5a with manual and circuits if this will help .


vsm spctra

Hi Ian,
I don't know what the differences are but anything is helpful - particularly the calibration procedure. Are you able/willing to scan the manual or parts thereof? How do you find using the Texscan SAs? I'm thinking I might replace/modify the vco to lock it to a reference xtal.
Thanks for your help

texscan de me

I also have a need for the operator manual as well as the service manual for the Texscan VSM 2C, if they are still available. Darrel

Re: looking for info on Texscan spectrum analyzer vsm 2c fil

I'll upload these three png scans of the schematics in three posts
Good luck
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