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Looking for Imputs/Ideas for AC Drive Motor Control.

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Aug 1, 2007
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Looking for ideas/brainstorming.
I have TDA1085CG AC Motor Control I.C.s..
Originally intended for washing Machine (the laundry Type).
Looking to Control an AC Ducted Fan being powered by an Inverter.
A simple TRIAC won't do - I also have a requirement for Remote Control of Motor Speed (Preferably Wireless).
How do I get this IC to actually drive and control a Ducted Fan motor running at about 2500 RPM and allow for varying Fan Speed.
Ducted Fan will, draw approximately 3-9 Amps (under load at 115VAC).
A tachometer bus will be provided for Fan Speed verification/control loop.
The Inverter is a cheap DC to AC Inverter (the project is being powered by two possible sources (Lithium Ion Battery, and/or Solar Cell Arrays).
Considered using DC fans, but 24VDC and 48VDC Fans of this magnitude are way more expensive that the AC driven fans.
Has anyone here worked on a project/design that has any or all of these requirements?
Can the TDA1085CG actually control this rate of motor speed? (The washing machines don't even spin this fast).
This is all I can reveal so far - Parameters are not really set in stone, but this is not going to be a simple hair dryer. It will be an arial project, so motor control has to be dead on reliable.
The control circuitry will have to be small and compact (there are space constrictions - but as stated earlier, they aren't set in stone, and any reasonable space requirements can probably be accommodated - But a refrigerator sized box is a deal killer - a cigarette pack would be perfect... Just dreaming guys).
Looking for inputs and ideas.

I posted some time ago that circuit I used in washing machine to drive the motors :

**broken link removed**


Using a VFD inverter would be a more power efficifient solution. Phase angle control of AC motors is basically possible, particularly with fan load. But I don't know, if your "cheap DC to AC Inverter" will tolerate a phase angle controlled load. For phase angle control you would need a opto triac without zero-crossing detector, MOC302x rather than MOC304x.

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