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Looking for electronics_circuit_drawing_tool ?

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Dec 15, 2001
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freeware pspice v8.0

A very simple and basic prog is XCircuit, from the unix world... you can compile it and run it under cygwin normally. Very easy to use. For small circuits it's OK.


(*=t, ^=w, remove )

The program is available as a student version or a full version that works for 30 days (cracks are available - look around on this board)

logiciel pulsonix

Try orcad (in some version). I think it's perhaps one of the most powerfull schematic drawing software avalaible today.

Best regards.

pspice v8.0 demo version

orcad has much bug, try cohesion, better hierarchy system

oregano export schematic

Try hxxx:\ it has a big component
library. I,m using it for a long time.
Exporting files is also possible ie DXF

You can also try EAGLE (
Nice prog (FREE demo version - schematic is limited to 1 sheet) and can export schematic and pcb in *.bmp, *.jpg, *.png formats or save image directly into clipboard ...

sauvegarde multisim 2001 demo

give orcad a go as you can download a demo and it will save print ect

manuel en francais klogic


definitely Protel is easy to use, I think it is the best for your need.

klogic cygwin

For the simplistic view. If you want something to use quickly then try ISIS from
This is a doddle to use, has quite a few components and is not over kill for your application. The high end schematic tools Protel, orcad etc are very powerful but are not really a 2 minute draw and ten print package.



eagl pcb version francaise

If your need is only to draw schematics and symbols you can get Design*Works for free (30-day trial) from

(# ---> a)

It exports schematics in .wmf format, ready to be pasted in just anything.
Hope it helps.

orcad lite edition telecharger

For small Schematics/PCB u can use Eagle as freeware easily. It's a quite small prog and has a big library. The export works good for me - I used .tif-files.

here, some links,
CAD et linux

Pour la simulation, il existe plusieurs solutions:

Libres :
- Spice de base mais plutot rebarbatif a utiliser.
- Oregano qui permet la saise de schéma de façon graphique ainsi que la
simulation (**broken link removed**).
- Geda qui est prometteur mais loin d'être utilisable au quotidien
- Gnucap que je viens de decouvrir pour te répondre et qui semble être
un truc style spice mais avec un langage différent.
- Gael qui a l'air bien jeune (
- Yaeda qui a l'air plus que pas mal (**broken link removed**).
- Electric qui a l'air rustique mais puissant
- XCircuit qui ne fait que du dessin de schéma avec export vers netlist
- ngspice qui a l'air bien sympathique
- Klogic pour la simultaion logique (**broken link removed**).
- tkgate que je découvre a l'instant
- PCB, un des pionniers je crois
(**broken link removed**).

Non libres :
- Eagle que l'on a deja cité (**broken link removed**) et qui
possede un module spice (que je n'ai jamais reussi a faire marcher
(**broken link removed**).
- BAE que je ne connais pas (**broken link removed**).
- Spice Opus (
- Smash de Dolphin qui offre une version d'évaluation limité à 25
noeuds pour la partie spice (
**broken link removed**).

Et enfin quelques liens en vrac :!INDEX.html
**broken link removed** (pleins de choses a

**broken link removed** Réalisation de circuits imprimés : Conseils et liens Manuel Eagle Version 3.55 (Anglais)

**broken link removed** notes and links to some 50 ECAD programs several of which include

Réalisation de circuits imprimés : Il faut compter 26$ pour du double face/trous métallisés/vernis épargne/masque soudure en
format Euro (160 x 100 mm). Je n'ai pas encore trouvé moins cher pour une telle prestation (prototype ou très petite série).
Tout est indiqué très clairement sur leur site (pour aller directement aux pages sur les PCB, utiliser ). Ne pas oublier de lire la FAQ.

**broken link removed** This is a free, high-performance, unlimited, fully functional
SPICE simulator with integrated schematic capture and waveform
viewer. See my recent post on sci.electronics.cad for more

**broken link removed** Vector Graphic format tools

**broken link removed** "Web de la simbología electrónica" DesignWorks Lite

**broken link removed** ORCAD lite package. Design must be less than 60
components. That's a lot of components! Pulsonix PCB Design software with free Schematic Capture

**broken link removed** full Schematic Design and Capture, Circuit Simulator, full interactive Symbol Editor,
professional Printed Circuit Board Design and Layout, and Automatic Routing

**broken link removed** Logiciels freeware de CAO Electronique

**broken link removed** Un petit tutoriel en français du logiciel de CAO Eagle. logiciel Grids(gratuit et libre et en francais) : dessin vectoriel, schéma
électrique, dessin de tablatures de Guitare, dessin de calendrier, organigrammes, etc..

**broken link removed** information about electronics schematics interchange

OrCAD Documentation (SDT386) Prospice Lite , Shareware & Demo d'outils CAO et IAO

**broken link removed** Si vous êtes en mesure de générer les fichiers source (.cir ou similaire), vous pouvez essayer de
vous procurer OPUS SPICE qui est gratuit et compatible XSPICE et donc proce de pspice V8. Il ne permet pas la saisie de
schéma, mais on peut s'en passer, si on est assez patient. D'ailleurs, il y a quelques années on ne passait jamais par les
schémas, hormi les schémas à main levée, obligatoires. bibliothèques pour logiciels de simulation
**broken link removed**

**broken link removed** PSPICE models

**broken link removed** PSPICE


Les fichiers Gerber et leurs applications

Visualisation de fichiers Gerber : télécharger GC-Prevue sur le site :



Notice Mentor V.8



**broken link removed** Réalisation de circuits imprimés (et en bas de la page, lien vers initiation)

**broken link removed** Métallisation / perçage de circuits imprimés E.A.O : Expérimentation ou Enseignement assisté par ordinateur

eagle schematic capture hierarchy

visio technical is so far the best schematic editor for circuit layouts to incorporate into msword.


Hi cin,

I have the Cohesion Designer 4.46. It is good to draw the transistor schematic. And you can cut and paste it on your msword.

Still remember my email, send mail to me.

Best Regards,


I have used many packages. But I am highly satisfied with Protel99SE. You can download the fully working version from


eagle 3.55 download

hi there,

use pr*otel*99s*e for drawing the schematics and import it with mgi photosuite to ms w*ord or just make a pdf print . best combination ever.

see ya


em6 pcb

I use Orcad 9.2 to edit schematics,It's well.
I layout with PADS powerpcb 4.0. I thank that Protel is not good for edit schematics and route!

import illustrator file into cadsoft eagle

I use protel99SE, it is very nice.
Between OrCAD, I chose protel.

Of course, if u want much more professional tool, I suggest MultiSim.

have a nice day---^_^

electronic work bench +footprint

Thx everybody,
Can any one suggest a proffesional look schematic output like that used for book puplishing.
(pls. don't says XCircuit!!!) :wink:

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