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[51] Looking for development board for Dallas DS89C450

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Jun 29, 2008
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I frequently throw together little 8051 projects, always starting out on solder-less bread boards. I get annoyed that I'm always creating the same basic 8051 circuit, then building off of that. I use the DS89C450 (I have dozens), so my base circuit always has the micro, a 74125, a max232 of some sort, crystal, ... etc.

I got to thinking it might be better if I could find a very small pre-built board, that is geared towards the DS89C450 in the 40 pin dip package. I'd then start by screwing that to my small sheet of plywood, add a couple solder-less bread boards, a cable or to connect some pins on the micro board to my solder-less bread board, power supply ... and have my project up and running much faster (and without wiring errors involving the micro).

I searched Ebay and did not come up with anything. I'm really looking for something SMALL, as in about 2 x 4 inches. I am not looking for anything that is loaded up with 7 segment displays, dozens of peripherals, a mini lcd display ... just the core cpu and what I mentioned already.

Does anyone know of where I can find such a product ?

hi ,
In my college quiz competition needs a 8051 microcontroller development i have searched many shop and find a online
***** but this is not cheaper .
Please help me anyone.

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