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Looking for black and white LCD display

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Dec 31, 1999
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I'm looking for an black & white LCD display with the following specs.

Display size 256x128 minimum
Price Range : $10 ~ $30

please give any suggestion...


1. Click on this linkP:

This will take you pass my password and onto the search page.
2. Type "lcd display", without the quote of course. This will list the manufacturers. Just select the ones that have what you need. E-mail them afterwards to get price details and whatever you need.

SIte can be used to look for almost anything that is made in the far East.

Digi-key has a great catalog available, check them out at to find a wide range of LCD displays for sale (Optrex is a great online distributor too). Check it out.


Such large LCDs are not cheap. If you happen to find one that fits in your price range, it will probably be one that does not have a controller, and putting that LCD to any use will require a dedicated LCD controller or some other processor (more mone & programming ,that is).

Just my 2 cents.


Farnel has the stock!
How they do such a goor range is
when you order one, they keep the
other 9 for stock!
or profit instead!

Another manufacturies world wide catalog is

Search may be done for Parts or Manufacturies trades. Very useful.


However, could I suggest Empire for LCD you're searching for. I purchase from them a graphic LCD display 128x64 T6963C based for less of 20$ (in small quantity of 500 per year). You will find their web page, on catalog above, in the LCD topic in OPTO section.

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Best two sites I've seen for LCD sources :

**broken link removed**

**broken link removed**

Can usually find something useful there.

I'm looking for an black & white LCD display with the following specs.

Display size 256x128 minimum
Price Range : $10 ~ $30

Unless you buy 1000ths you won't find any
lcd for this price. check autronic-melchers
in germany, there you get 128x64 for the
price range you mentioned.

Check W*

They are brokers for excess LCD
inventory. They may not have the
exact size you are looking for.
How much flexibility in your design?


Wintek supply good LCD but I think you need big quantity to obtain better price.

See : **broken link removed**


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