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Looking for a Digital ESR Capacitor Meter Schematic

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Feb 3, 2003
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Hi There ,

Looking for a Digital ESR Capacitor Meter Schematic

esr meter

this one is from elektor - september 2002

text is in french. schematics are "universal" !
elektor esr

this one is in english, but there is not the program in the microcontroler
the schematic is instructive...
esr meter circuit

and this one is not digital, but quite simple to realize, and in my minds, it's enought for esr testing. if you want a real digital one, you've better look at a lcr meter. a nice one is winner of circuit cellar psoc contest
available at : **broken link removed**
esr schematic

Elektor Capacitor ESR Meter in English
esr meter kit

Elektor ESR meter is god choice. It measures up to 200 ohms at 100kHz.
Resolution is 0.1 ohm. DVM can be low price (15euro) Panell Meter from Conrad which is equal to the DVM in project.
free esr meter schematic

Wondering if there Is a Simple Add-On Schematic for DVM to convert it to an ESR meter
capacitor esr meter price

elektor schematic is made of the esr and a small dvm with intersil 71xx chip.

you can remove the dvm circuit and output the esr directly to your own dvm in 200mV calibre.
psoc lcr

So I Have Chace To Download This.
capacitor esr meter

The scanned document in French from Kripton2035 is exactly the electronic English document from duster.

So it is better to download 2 documents from duster, which included PCB artwork, smaller, in English, and waste no point, while French document is big, and you have to "pay" by point.

esr meter schematics

huh.. there is a free mirror where you dont need any point to download...

sorry I'm french and I buy a french elektor, and I dont buy also the english elektor for fun...


esr meter schema

I am very sorry Kripton2035 as I did not intend to make you uncomfortable. Simply there is English version of the document came after yours and I would like to warn people as duster did not make clear that they are the same but in different languages.
BTW I now know there is the link from mirror that needs no point, from your suggestion.


esr tester,free shematic

this esr meter you just found is based on a zilog controler, and the source nor hex arent available... you must buy the preprogrammed chip to the authors of the kit.
if you buy this kit, you will get with it all the infos you need to build it ! dont need more help.
if you dont buy the kit, you wont be able to program it and not use it !!!
just read the pdf you send carefully ...

Added after 2 minutes:

update to this topic : there is a now esr meter available from peakelec, at :

already built, and not so expensive : £ 89

as you want. not tested myself, I built an analog one at the top of this topic and works enought for me.

lcr meter kit psoc


you will have difficulties to find the transformer T1 of the design.. also the 50µA display...
better look at the analog esr meter I gave at the beginning of the post, it uses standard (and availables) components.
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