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LM741 and OA07 Op-Amp

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Dec 30, 2004
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op07 load cell

What are the main difference between LM741 and OA07 Op-Amp. And is there any specific application of OA07. Please give some info.


Did you mean OP07? If so the OP07 is a precision opamp with very low offset voltage and current and low voltage noise meant for DC and low frequency "instrumentation" applications requiring large gain while the LM741 is one of the first opamps on the market outdated now and has relatively rarge offset voltage and current. There are much better low cost opamps on the market than the LM741 and even better than the OP07.

datasheet lm741 texas

Datasheet for the OP07 is here **broken link removed**

The datasheet says that the OP07 has applications in

  • Wireless Base Station Control Circuits
    Optical Network Control Circuits
    Sensors and Controls
    Strain Bridges
    Shunt Current Measurements
    Precision Filters

I agree with ptmsl that LM741 is pretty outdated -- you can easily find better opamps. Just visit National Semiconductor's website **broken link removed** for example. Use the 741 if you have nothing else available to you.

current shunt lm741

is lf347 quiet good than OP07 (i know it's QUAD op-amp but i'm asking performance type, against op07)????

lm741 current shunt

Thanks for your help guys. Yes I mean OP07 NOT OA07 by mistake I typed OA07. Which is the best Op Amp for amplifying load cells output. Any suggestio.

lm741 open loop gain

For load cells you will need an opamp with good DC characteristics like the OP07 (even better the OP77) and not a general purpose old design like the 741. Also you dont need a fet input opamp like the LF347 unless your load cell has a very large output resistance (in the Megohm range) but I think load cells have small output resistances around 1K. Any good low offset voltage - large DC open loop gain opamp can work. Most companies like Analog devices, National semiconductors, Linear technologies, Texas etc. have selection guides that will help you decide which is the best opamp for your application. Since you need to amplify a voltage in the millivolt range coming from a low resistance source, input offset voltage offset voltage stability and noise voltage at low frequencies are important to you. Opamps for use as instrumenttion amplifiers are most suitable.
is lf347 quiet good than OP07
The LF347 is better for AC applications because of the higher slew rate and Gain Bandwidth and for applications with high source resistance because of its low input current but like most FET input opamps its offset voltage is worse and it has less open loop large signal voltage gain. So for low offset DC applications OP07 is much better.

op amp op 07 lm741

Thanks ptmsl for info. I will try OP77 Op-Amp in my design. Thanks again. You have any ebook on Op-Amp design.

lm741 offset

Try this link

**broken link removed**
op07 opamp application

Thanks ptmsl a lot for such a nice bible for Op-Amp. It shoes lot of for Op-Amp. I want to download ebooks from edaboard but it requires more points to download. Can you donate me your points so I will download.

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