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little bit help in power supply connection

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Oct 8, 2012
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i want to connect 3-phase AC motor with mains indian power supply for application of conveyer belt,which is running all the time. i can do this with the help of DOL Starter.but other objective is that,i want to established off switch at conveyer belt so that worker can taking material from belt and after it belt start automatiically when i handout from off swich...

so how can i connect this to power supply...and which configuration is used...only for this off switch...

please explain

Technically you will be able to implement this functionality, but I think it will not be in conformance to safety requirements

but i have this 1st stage project

A DOL starter, has two buttons, the OFF button is a single normally closed contact. The On button is a normally open switch. The circuit for the control is:- the incoming mains is routed through the OFF switch through the thermal overload contact to an open aux contact on the contactor and the ON switch. The other side of these go to one side of the operating coil. The other side of the operating coil is returned to the mains neutral or a different phase. When the ON button is pressed the contactor pulls in, the aux contact closes and puts a short across the ON switch. The contactor then stays in until the supply to the coil is broken either by the OFF button or the thermal overload operates.
So what you need to do is to extend the three or 4 wires to a remote point, This can be done but they carry the full mains voltage so must be protected against damage by running them in conduit and the switchgear at the remote station must also be of suitable quality. Both control points MUST have a label warning staff of the possibility of the conveyor being started unexpectedly by the other control point. For maintenance purposes a padlockable cover should be available for both control points.
Some cheapo starters do not use a switch behind the ON button, instead the button acts directly on the contactor armature directly. Can't see how you can operate these remotely, unless you use a Bowden cable. :)
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but it will work?
because when i push remote button then conveyer belt stop the work.and when i leave that remote button then conveyer belt start work automatically.....this is my objective..

if you have diagram for it than please upload that...

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