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Linker Command question

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Dec 2, 2005
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I wans to separate my code into 2 parts, first part i want to write it at the following addresses : 0000H ÷ 07FFH and the other part satrting at 0800H address.

Im not familiar with the linker commands, can someone help me with it, i need to know what kind of commands i need to put inside the code for that.

Im not interested in seperating the code into 2 applications and to burn them separatly (using the "start programming address" at the compiler options).

Im using PIC18F452 device with MPLAB + Hitech Compiler.

Can anyone help me please.

Thanks, Ben.

I saw a reference to the asm command regarding programming sections -> "psec" command, does anybody knows if using this command can solve may problem and how to implement this command into the code?


are u sure that in 18F452 there is an asm command named psec? there is no 'psec' in the datasheet!!

i didn't work with 18Fxx2, so i'm not sure if i can tell u more, sorry.

Hi kordix,

You are right, the command is "psect" not "psec, i saw that command at the hi-tech manual. it should direct the linker to reference to a specific program section. though i dont know how to use it correctly in order to separate my code into 2 parts at the program memory.

Im interested in compiling the whole code, while some of the code will be placed at specific location(lets say between 0000h - 07ffh) and the other part at a different location(starting 0800h). im doing so in ordet to include a bootloader inside my whole code and i need to compile it all so the application will be familiar with some funcions located at the bootloader files.

I know how to do so by separating the code into two different compilation units, though i dont know how to compile it as one all compilation unit.

Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks, Ben.

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