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Line follower robot- Selecting motors and Interfacing RS485

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Dec 5, 2014
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Hello geeks, I am completely new to the embedded field, pls help me to figure out the problems I explained below. Thanks in Advance.

I need to do a line follower robot with a new sensor not with IR.
The problem is that the sensor gives o/p through RS485. How can interface RS485 with arduino.

And I also need to interface some motors for the movement of robot.
I am unaware the mechanisms of motors.
This robot car needs to be fast as possible and need to take curves by following the line with high precision.
I use different supply for motors ie. differential.
Which motor will satisfies my requirements (DC motor,stepper,servo).

What do you mean with high precision? I think that if you want speed then the precision would be worse, but you can reach something acceptable.

Maybe a DC motor would be the best for this aplication since you want speed and not surgical precision. Stepper motors are mostly heavy and slow (obviously there are several types).

To interface your arduino with RS-485 sensor you first need to adapt the levels to TTL. The sensor output is differential and can be adapted with a (I don't know the aprox price) level adapter IC as MAX485 or similar.

As you're using a different supply for motors then you could interface the drivers with optocouplers whenever both GND are separated.

Please provide us more information about the robot weight, size, etc. so we can have an idea of what you are working with.


This robot car needs to be fast as possible
Maybe a DC motor would be the best for this

Fast as possible means you want to break the speed record for a car? This is about sonic speed.

The used motor is called "turbofan" - whatever that is...

Good luck

I had a storebought line follower robot called a Movit.

The motors were small DC powered. A long geartrain stepped down the speed.

The circuitry responded instantly to the photo-sensors. First it drove the left motor. Then the right motor. Then left again.

It happened very rapidly. The resulting speed was a few inches per second.

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