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laser hair removal project

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Feb 12, 2002
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well i saw a TV prog a year or so ago some inventer was experimenting with lasers and acidently burned a patch of hairs off is hand. years/months later he relized that this was a great invention. But really how is it to knock up a laser hair removal sys in the garden shed.

basically been losing my hair at the mo - yeah a pain in ass. but gaining hair on my shoulders which really pisses me off :twisted: . i have been trying to find methods of making a laser hair remover. im sure this is really not to hard i have played with lasers before and i beleive its just a matter of knowing the amount of energy anf frequency required to destroy hair follicles.

So has anyone ever found any resources on this as i would really like to attempt this a a project.

any advice please - yep im

Nuke me!

Actually, a dye is diffused into the hair root that is reactive to the laser.

I suggest you start at 1 kilowatt @ 3 seconds and work upwards from there. CO2 lasers are best for hair, skin and bone removal. Check eBay. Best of luck!




Few months ago i saw a program on russian channel - it was talk show about plastic surgery, and there was topic about removing pattern from finger tip. They did it by laser. Skin of hand was skanned by laser pulse ray with about 10 times per second - as i saw with no pain to patient. Skin area of 2x2 sm was skanned for about 15 seconds. They told that pattern was removed forever. So you can remove not only hairs but finger-prints too. It could be a great business! :)

Wish you a luck! Klug.

I'd heard of crime in Russia but DIY finger print remove kit? What will they think of next? I'm sure the operation is painful but you do not expect hardened criminals to scream as their finger prints are being removed or their friends would call them sissies.

If one of you laser geniouses come up with a hair regeneration technique please PM me!


1. You need a Laser 1064nm wavelength.
2. Power requirements about 200vdc@400Amps
energy is pulsed at about 1Hz to 2 Hz rate.
3. In addition you need a simmer voltage about 1KV to simmer
the laser before firing.
4. Detectors to measure the energy being delivered.
5. A fiber optic delivery system.
6. A hand piece that cools the skin to about 2 degrees C,
else you'll burn the area of treatment severly.

A power supply delivering 800 joules of energy is lethal!
This project is not something a novice wants to undertake
unless you have loads of Life Insurance. Trust me I designed them!

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