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Job Openings in Synopsys Shanghai

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Nov 13, 2004
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If you are interesed with these positions, please email your resume to
noagain#hotmail.com. Email enquries are welcome.

Job description

As a Physical Design Consultant, you will be responsible for assisting our customers successfully tape out from RTL to GDS or from Netlist to GDS
Your main focus will be in the areas of design planning, floorplanning, physical synthesis, place and route, parasitic extraction, signal integrity analysis and prevention, IR drop analysis and physical verification (DRC/LVS). A secondary focus will be in logic synthesis, static timing analysis and formal verification You will be working as a member of the customer's IC design team, leveraging their experience and Synopsys and industry best practices to have immediate impact on their current project while transferring valuable knowledge for future projects.

Interacts regularly with customers to identify and eliminate barriers to project success. Plans and manages delivery of own project-related tasks. Leverages entire Synopsys team to ensure project success. Provides feedback to R&D on suggested tool enhancements. Works with Project Lead to develop technical proposals, learning project life cycle. Produces consistently high quality technical solutions.


BSEE or higher with 5+ years industry experience, at least 4 years in physical design role.
- Familiar with Floorplan, Place and route, DRC/LVS, IR drop and Signal Integrity etc.

- Familiar with STA, Formal Verification and Synthesis is better.

- Will have demonstrated successful completion of 4+ physical design projects through to tape as an individual contributor
- Will have demonstrated solid verbal and written English communication skills, customer interfacing skills, and business savvy
- Will have demonstrated the ability to work in a stressful environment with a broad array of individuals in a cross-functional team.
- Is able to work on-site at customer premises, travel up to 30%, and put in long hours when required to meet customer deadline.

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