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Job offer at San Jose California as a Power Management SR Design Engineer

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Jan 17, 2006
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Hi Friends,
The company where I currently work for is in-need of qualified engineers which will be assigned in San Jose California as Power Management SR. Design Engineers. Please forward to me your CV so I can refere it to our HRD. Here's some qualification needed and responsibilities of the candidate.

Positions requires a BSEE, MSEE preferred and minimum 8 years related analog/mixed-signal design experience, 3 of which are in directly related power management IC design. Must possess a solid understanding of various DC-DC and LDO topologies and architectures. Strong verbal and written communications skills are required, as is a proven track record of releasing successful products on time

This is an excellent opportunity to join a growing, high-visibility team within the leader in high-performance analog ICs in San Jose, CA. Responsible for designing state-of-the-art power management ICs for a wide range of portable and non-portable applications using industry leading sub-micron BiCMOS processes. Experience in the entire product development process, from product definition through circuit implementation, layout, and debug, as well as playing an advisory role in test development and characterization required. Experience supervising and mentoring junior designers is a plus.

Any qualified and interested applicant please email me at dragonhart@gmail.com and attached your recent CV.

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