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Is there available job for VHDL programmer( design engineer)

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Dec 19, 2005
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job in vhdl

Hi i would like to ask if there is a job opening for a fresh graduate, for a VHDL.
I learn this programing skill on my school, Im the best programmer of our batch.
Having this, i want to pursue a job on VHDL programing.
We use xilinx spartan 3E-FPGA for our simulatoin and implementation.
And also im open for a scholarship from company on this field.

vhdl programer

You should Ask for a design engineer job. Because learning VHDL is not enough. In fact to be sure to success a interview You have three things to know/master:
- The langage (VHDL, Verilog, ...)
- The design techniques FSM, Encoding, ..
- The tools:
For ASIC (Design compiler,....)
For FPGA (Synplify, ...)

vhdl programmer

ah ok thanks for the tip.
im a fresh graduate..
now im trying to master the language..
and can i ask
what do you mean by "For FPGA (Synplify, ...)"??
and also im reading about it...

vhdl programmer pay

In fact in front end design we have two option:
- FPGA Field Programmable Gate Array
(If you don't know investiguate them)
Wich use specific tool for simulation and synthesis generally given by the constructors like xilinx, altera...
Tools used: Synplify Pro, Max 2+, Quartus, FPGA compiler....
Tools are very expensive like
Synopsys Design compiler, Design Analyzer,

vhdl job in bulgaria

for a starter...can i ask where to start?
for some hard part, is it posible that ill learn it on the work?
i mean ill try to find a work that would improve my skill, knowlegde

vhdl programmer jobs in pakistan

This depend on the company where you will work (ASIC Manufacturer/Customer like Intel, ST,..) or (FPGA Manufacturer/costomer like xilinx/ other small companies)
For FPGA there nice books that you can found on edaboard.
Try to find them.

Hope I helped.
Don't forget to push the button !

Added after 2 minutes:

Here a nice book:

vhdl programmers almost all the book i need..
uhmm..what i realy need is some path, a guide to a company..hehehe...been hir in edaboard long,
"why cant i view the help button?"

vhdl programers

can someone hir help me on finding a job on FPGA? i what to improve my skills on this field, i just graduated.. and i think the only to have the skills i need, is to start to find a job, and also to support my self.
hoping for your help.

cv vhdl programmer

We have FPGA design engineer with verilog coding in Malaysia. Please contact me.

best programmer for work with vhdl?

hi choonlle,
I am in pakistan, working in HDL (both) on Xilinx tools. Working on EDK8.2 with ISE8.2 and both Spartan and Vertex fpga. Basically I am not just coding but infact designing complete Digital systems,

My CV is attached ,,,

job opening for vhdl

Hi everybody,
does anyone know about how to get an internship in hardware Design engineering?

internship vhdl programmer

can someone let me know any vlsi job requirement?

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