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Is C# good for embedded applications

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Nov 16, 2006
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i heard that C# was developed not only for PCs but also for embedded


Is C# good for embedded applications

can it be compared to C for size and speed

I've never heard of C# being used for embedded applications. I don't think it is even possible, as it is a managed language.
For embedded applications you have C or assembly.

C# can be used only for embedded devices using WinCE with mobile .NET platform like a cellphone or PDA.

It cannot be used to generate native microcontroller executable.

I stand corrected. I assumed embedded applications meant native microcontroller code. I forgot about WinCE. I'm a dummy.

It is not good for embedded. In embedded we normally use C or Assembly to write embedded application.

Full featured .NET is an another java + a lot of APIs.

WinCE only support small subset of .NET, they call it .NET Compact Framework.

As like the java compiled code, .NET environment is an interpreter.

But They gave very nice name to it, Managed Code. :|

Is an interpreted language adequite for Embedded appications?

visioneer said:
Is an interpreted language adequite for Embedded appications?

It depends on requirements, script languages have been used in embedded applications for a long time (washing machines, pinballs etc.), I'd say interpreted/script languages are suitable for event driven applications with no hard realtime requirements.

What comes to using C#/Java/OO in embedded systems (other than UI applications) I see a problems: garbage collection (execution is not deterministic), class creation (generates overhead), and fill all your favourite OO-language improvements/features here :D (generates overhead)

Finally remember this: Project requirements define what tools are needed (it might be OO-language in some cases)

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