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Inverter used to run Motor

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Sep 13, 2007
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pwm inverter losses

Shall we use an AC motor through an Inverter with the suitable range of capacity, say if motor is 1.5KW then it would be run through 1.5KW or more Inverter and/or if motor is 3Phase 3KW then it would be run through 3Phase 3K.W or more cap Inverter :confused: :?:

run motor inverter

Not sure I totaly understand your question, but if one is planning to run a AC induction motor from a inverter (a UPS?) one has to size the inverter to be able to handle the normal in-rush start-up current that AC motors draw. This can be up to 5-7X the normal running current for some number of seconds.


inverter to run motor

Thanks ,
thing is the motor I mentioned to use is like the Hospital emergency Operation, actually it makes to agitate a solution contineously, suppose if the power is cut then we have to drain the solution after that only we may stop the agitator, for that only we need to run the motor through the Inverter or (UPS),
Ocourse as you guide we may use the DC motor, but here in our area (PONDICHERRY, INDIA) normally the local service people are more femiliar with AC motors and is easily available in market to replace or to service.. than DC motors.. Thats why I opted and asked this question.. pls further guide me some good options

how to run the inverter motor

Another consideration about the choice of the inverter is whether its output is suitable for AC induction motors over and above the inrush currents. For an AC motor the output should be as close as possible to a sine wave. On many inverters the output is a chopped or PWM DC voltage.

inverter used to run motor

It is possible to run a motor on inverter if and only if the oscillator of the inverter can produce clean sine wave with a distortion or without a distortion.

harmonics in inverter run motors

Usual inverters don't produce clean sine voltage. The resulting motor current shouldn't have too much harmonics or PWM residuals, cause this would produces only motor losses but no mec.hanical drive power. The acceptable distortion level depends on your application, but 5 or 10% of motor current would be no problem, generally. Some high power VFD are using rather low PWM frequencies (or 6/12-fold mains frequency for thyristor drives) and have much higher distortion.

Su-Kam brand Inverters have a Model called DSP-sinewave which produces pure sinewave. In case you intend to use an induction motor, its possible with a soft start module in its front end to minimise the initial current rush. Hope you are from India and you may contact thier website and thier experts will help you out in your application. I have personally seen Airconditioners running on Su-Kam DSP sine wave.

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