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introduction to remote controller

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Jan 21, 2005
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hi all;

I have a simple and wide question about remote controlers.
I want to know how does a remote controler work ?
in a simple expression what happens when you push a remote controler botton ?
is remote controller a transmitter which produce a signal and send it to TV, door, CDplayer and etc as the receiver or not ?

is there any introduction paper and web in this field ?

yup, the remote control acts as a transmitter and the tv,door etc acts as a receiver.
some remote controllers use infrared transmitters and others use rf...

the remote control basically sends codes through infrared and the receiver decodes the information sent by the transmitter i.e. the remote control

The TV remote control that you use basically sends encoded signals in infrared range. The signals are then decoded. But you can also oerate the garage door opener by building simple transmitter in FM range than can actuate the actual door opening equipment by a simple signal like clock etc.

Look on the internet there are plenty of tutorials and better explanation present. If you need some advance info the remote control operates using some kind of modulation like pulse coded modulation. look it up you'll find it interesting.

thanks mustang82 & jeffttan;
do you have any example of remote controller codes?
is it possible to change the coding of a remote controller and use it for other application?

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