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interfacing network card with embedded system

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Sep 4, 2005
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interfacing nic with 8051

is it possible to interface a network card with any 8 bit controller based embedded
system ?ie.will the system support tcp/ip protocol?


network card to pic interfacing

There are several projects at the web. Some years ago I have experimented with a NE2000 compatible NIC and a pic16f877.
This NIC is based on a Realtek 8019AS. I remember that I had to try several cards to find one that worked with no problems.
There is an evaluation board at microchip with a similar configuration.
Also check:
**broken link removed**
Others have used Atmel microcontrollers or 8051.
There are commercial boards using a microcontroller and a 8019(or similar) chip.
You can use an old ISA card wired to a board or you can build a card with the ethernet controller, PIC and the 10baseT interface components, included.
As you see it is possible and it has been done.

interfacing isa ethernet cards with mcu

Can i do this project by connecting any ethernet card with Pic MCU???
all what i read about

old ISA

NE2000 compatible NIC


network card with embedded system

An ISA NE2000 compatible is used because it is rather easy to do the hardware interface with a microcontroller and there is information about the software interface of the chip set.
You can use other cards but you may have to get the necessary datasheets to write the low level routines to send and receive the data and commands to the card.

why do we use ethernet card is embedded system?

Thanks albert22
but can i find the datasheet for all NICs????

what are the things that can be done as an example, if we managed to connect the eathernet interface to an embedded processor ? ..
in my opinion, it can be downloading something from the internet to a cellphone that has an embedded processor .. what else ?
please share ideas ..

Some old 10M network interface chip can work with 8-bit MCU. The most popular one is RTL8019, you can find this chip on old NIC and find the datasheet at the RealTek **broken link removed** web site. And others such as the Dalas has the 8-bit network solution.
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