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Installing Cadence , Assura , EXT and MMSIM in Ubuntu

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Jun 14, 2019
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Hello Guys,

I am new to linux environment, i want to install Cadence Ver. IC617, Assura Ver. 4.15, EXT Ver. 15.27 and MMSIM Ver. 15.10.257 in Ubuntu Ver. 16.04, Is it possible, I checked the existing posts here about the same installation, the posts were asked around 7 to 8 years ago for the older versions of the Ubuntu.

Please let me know if the specified version or any higher version can be installed in Ubuntu..


In theory it can be installed on any Linux distribution.
In practice, the only blessed by Cadence is RHEL 6.
It means, on RHEL it works always, on other distros you need to know how to married them together.

Some tools support Ubuntu but some of them don't..So, it will be a serious trouble for you ..
If I were you, I'd install RedHat 7 then install them seamlessly..

I think you may only find a choice between various "seams"
at which stuff falls apart.

Ubuntu is great for people who don't want to mess with
graphics setup. RHEL / CentOS didn't give me much help
in setting up X for hardware, Ubuntu easy peasy (even on
a sorta-orphan Nvidia laptop GPU). In my experience
Cadence was real p!ssy about choice of window manager
and Cadence support people would take the easy way out
if you don't say you're on the blessed distro.

If I were you and you were spending somebody else's
money, I'd take the tool vendor's advice and then shop
hardware for a machine that's known non-problematic
for CentOS version equating to RHEL6 / 7 (whatever
Cadence pretends they will support without blame-game
foot dragging).

Our department and division CAD minions seemed to have
a pretty non-seamless time of it even so.

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