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Install Linux on Altera DE2-115 Cyclone IV with MIPS core


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Jun 13, 2019
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Hi everyone,
I'm a newbie to MIPSFPGA. I have ordered Altera DE2-115 board, Cyclone IV family.
Now I want to install Linux into this board under MIPS soft core. Following the tutorial from MIPSfpga-plus project on Github (link 1):
- I can build the MIPSFPGA SoC then program FPGA as MIPS32 core.
- I can build the Kernel and RootFS using MIPS toolchains, however using the defconfig and Device tree table (.dts) file for Altera DE10-Lite board and Altera MAX10 FPGA chip, which are provided by tutorial.
I can download vmlinux image into DE2-115 board, which was programmed as MIPS soft-core (using busbluster and openOCD). But I cannot boot the linux as tutorial. There is no console log after load an run vmlinux image.
[1] https://github.com/MIPSfpga/mipsfpga-plus/tree/master/programs/12_linux

Is there anyone install Linux on MIPSfpga board successfully? Can you share your experiment or your approach?
I have no idea which step is wrong when I follow the tutorial. Any comment is very welcome!
Thank you very much!

Step 1: build MIPS soft-core then program FPGA
Screenshot from 2019-06-13 14-42-42.png

Step 2: build rootfs and kernel using MIPS toolchains to generate vmlinux image then load vmlinux image to MIPSFPGA board using busblaster and openocd
Screenshot from 2019-06-13 14-47-39.png
Screenshot from 2019-06-13 14-49-06.png

As you can see, I can load vmlinux image to MIPSfpga board, however cannot boot the linux os as tutorial.

P/S I'm sorry for my English if not clear description.

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