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information about commands required for lcd 16 by 1

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Aug 13, 2009
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lcd 16x1

i want know about all commands for lcd 16x1

16x1 lcd

most important to know: which LCD controller?

16x1 lcd commands

i have used 8051 microcontroller. actually there is a problem that the lcd is displaying only left 8 char. the next one's are not displayed
. if you know about it please tell me soon.

lcd command 0xc3

The question was about the LCD controller respectively display manufacturer and type, not your microprocessor.

As mentioned in a recent same topic thread and various other edaboard contributions, 16x1 is often configured as 2x8. You'll easily find out by playing around with initialization code and character addresses.

16x1 display addresses


LCD interfacing 16x2 or 16x 1 or 20 x 4 is all same.
Mostly your LCD is compatible with lampex LCDs

See this page **broken link removed**

see if this helps you anyway.

lcd 16x1 8051

in 16x1 lcd
data address is as follows

00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 in hex

next eight character has starting address of 40 as opposed to 16x2 lcd in which 40 is for next line

lcd type 16x1

refer to mazidi book
there they have written everything about lcd commands
I am sure thats enough for you

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lcd 16x1 controllers

the display addresses are goes in the following ways in the LCD controllers

for 16x1

0x80 0x81 0x82 0x83 0x84 0x85 0x86 0x87 0xC0 0xC1 0xC2 0xC3 0xC4 0xC5 0xC6 0xC7

for 16x2
0x80 0x81 0x82 0x83 0x84 ... 0x8D 0x8E 0x8F
0xC0 0xC1 0xC2 0xC3 0xC4 ... 0xCD 0xCE 0xCF

so you have to change the addresses of the data displayed in case for 16x1 to display the rest of the 8 chracters

lcd 16x1

talking about commands, is there any difference between 16x1 and 16x2 ?

initializing code 16x1 lcd

no there is no difference in the commands
only the display is the difference

Re: lcd 16x1

john.l said:
talking about commands, is there any difference between 16x1 and 16x2 ?

all commands are same except addressing
for 16x1 you have to use addresses starting from 80h
and for 16x2 => for first line 80h and for second line C0h

rest all is same

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