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INFINEON Microtrollers

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Feb 24, 2006
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Does any one use Infineon Microtrollers?:|

it's an industry standard 8051 compatible ask your question and you will find and answer

Which ones? The old C500, the newer C800, the C16x family the XC16x or TriCore?

For real time applications needing best inerrupt performance the Infineon micros are great. However Infineon has a very strong focus on automotive so that hobbyists are mostly left behind.

Have used them (except TriCore) in the past, very good micros but a little pricy. Would now rather use ARM7 than C16x. Knowing the interrupt performance of the ARM7 is not as good but in most cases sufficient, many companies compete in the ARM market and as a result they are very good priced micros from e.g. Philips and Atmel.

Summary, good micros from Infineon, tough to beat if maximum real time performance is needed but tool support especially for TriCore is rather limited.


However Infineon has a very strong focus on automotive so that hobbyists are mostly left behind.

This has changed now, there is a free
GCC 4.0 + binutils + newlib toolchain
for the xc16x.

You can read more about this here:
**broken link removed**

IMHO There is a fierce competition amongst
compiler vendors for the (x)c16x.
So maybe you can get a cheap version
of a commercial compiler sooner or later.

If you have problems souring the parts try
**broken link removed**[/url]

I was interested in the XC-Family, but the Distributors (in Austria) only wants to sell a complet reel (1400 piece). But for the first shot we only need 300 per year...

So finally we changed the uP-family


Not open for further replies.

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