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Important help-Remote Control IR circuit code on mikroc by pic plzzz!

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moaz salama

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May 23, 2011
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hi.:grin:..iam trying to make a remote Control Project with PIC 18f452 with 2 boards

1 board have transmitter circuit...has (transmitter-pic 18f452-8 switches as input, and rest connection of pic and its components like master reset,oscillator,....etc )

another 1 board have a reciever circuit ,,has (metalic reciver-pic18f452-leds as output,and rest connections of pic like other board)

i wanna to press on 1st switch in tx board-:arrow:-->the corresponding 1st led light on Rx board,,,,,,,all of that by infrared connection

my problem :???: :-x is the code....i use mikroc....and i cant make the code for the 2 circuuits.......any one help me plz as fast asu u can ....:cool: :oops:

thanks in advnace
your sincerly
eng-moaz salama
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first of all, state clearly which Tx and Rx you are using ??

If you are using simple IR LED as Tx and a 38/36/40 kHz detector at Rx, then for programming on the Tx side, make a function which will transmit a ASK waves at 38 khz. So, when 1st switch is pressed on the Tx side, you are sending something like 0x01 hex ( 0000 0001 b) which is ASK modulated on 38khz carrier. On the receiver, you have to implement a logic, which receives the pattern (no demodulation is required as it is already done in the receiver) 0x01. THis way, you know which pattern you have transmitted and based on the pattern, you can do anything at the receiver side.

Also, if you don't want to write a code for ASK modulation the 38khx carrier, than you can do one thing : Make a 38khz transmitter using 555 IC and apply a pin from microcontroller to the Reset pin of the 555 ckt. This way, whatever you will transmit on that pin, will be received at the Rx directly.

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