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igbt performing tests and analysis

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Dec 6, 2004
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I am fully aware that the previous post mentioned how to test the IGBT with DMM and a 9V battery. However I discovered that a colleague of mine did further tests on IGBT which I have not seen the tests before. I could have asked him about his test but there was a time constraint as I could not discuss him and I had to do other things. So I thought it would be to ask you guys about the tests.

1) Vce (sat) - (I assume sat stands for saturation) The test involved in applying PWM to the gate while 24V with resistive load (lamp) on the collector and emitter connects to the OV of the supply. The gate and emitter was shorted. The postive and 0V probes from scope connects between the collector and emitter. On the scope, the PWM waveforms is offset from 0V about in the range of 1.02V to 1.06V. I could not understand why this method was carried out or hoping to spot something different. Are you familiar with this kind of test?

2) The secondary test was conducted by applying (~8A) postive voltage on the emitter of IGBT and 0V on the collector. The voltage across the diode of IGBT was measured. The average reading was 0.89V. Again I have no wonder the purpose of this test but I assume it must do with the diode

3) The third measurement involved in capactiance between gate and emitter. I have no idea how this teat was carried out.

Finally three measurements will tell if the IGBT is good or bad. I am sorry that I don't know IGBT very much and yes I could have read about it. Unfortunatley I am constantly snowed under with my work and life at home as I am coping with three mad kids. Your help will be appreicated.

Best regards



Any specified or unspecified parameter of an IGBT can be measured. There are a lot.

The question is, which parameters can be expected to vary significantly indicating a device failure below an easily detectable C-E or G-E short? Did you experience typical failures?

Re: igbt

Dear sir

The IGBT module that I am currently using operates up to 400V at maximum 300A. It operates ok below 100A but IGBT broke down above 100A.


Re: igbt


I have not heard anything from you. Please advise me asap


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